EFMC International Symposium on Chemical Biology

Jointly organised with the Swiss Chemical Society, Division for Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology (DMCCB)

 Basel, Switzerland    November 16-18, 2023

Session Topics & Chairs

The programme of the 2023 EFMC International Symposium on Chemical Biology will include the following sessions:

  • Chemical Immunology & Checkpoint Inhibitors
    Chair: Sascha Hoogendoorn, University of Geneva, Switzerland 
  • Chemical Proteomics in Drug Discovery
    Chair: Sebastian Essig, Bayer, Germany
  • Chemically Induced Proximity
    Chair: Gonçalo Bernardes, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom 
  • Computational Chemical Biology (LS-EuChemS Session)
    Chair: Sonsoles Martin Santamaria, CIB-CSIC, Spain 
  • New Understanding of Post-translational Modifications
    Chair: Christian Adam Olsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Protein Conformations: Beyond the Ground State
    Chair: Wolfgang Jahnke, Novartis, Switzerland
  • Target Engagement and Mechanism of Action Determination
    Chair: Andrew Zhang, AstraZeneca, United States 
  • Targeting Metabolism (ICBS Session)
    Chair: Zaneta Nikolovska-Coleska, University of Michigan, United States 

In addition, the programme will also feature the EFMC-WuXi AppTec Award for Excellence in Chemical Biology Session.